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Free Money from Rich People Fast

by Homer Dennis

Since antiquity, money has been a famous economic unit through which the world inhabitants get their essential and non-essential needs and services. In their bid to earn money to cater to their needs, the vast majority of people harness various channels. These channels include taking jobs, owning a business, and many more. Barring unforeseen circumstances, some of these channels are tedious and only fetch you a little amount of money that may sometimes not be enough to cater to your daily needs. Hence, people tend to search for people who can give them money in the form of donations or give away. The process of searching for people that gives money away is tedious. Also, most people that need money sometimes feel shy to request money through these processes. That said, the advent of internet services has made it easier to get platforms that can give money away. Most of these platforms have responsive websites that are accessible and attend to your request promptly. While some of the platforms are illegitimate, you can find reputable and trusted sites when you do perform a thorough search on the internet.

Summary of Free Money from Rich People Fast

The table below summarizes the features of the money giveaway websites

Money Giveaway Websites Features
  1. You can get money to finance school fees, lease, food, and other vital needs.
  2. Write an appealing story to get money from rich people.
  1. You can pay your medical bills, hospital bills, and lots more.
  2. Strangers donate money.
  3. You can get money through social media.
  1. You pay$299 per month as subscription fees.
  2. You are connected with competent investors to get money.
  1. You create a campaign about your needs and set a targeted amount.
  2. 4.9% is charged on each donation.
  3. 3% is charged as processing charges.
  1. Youcreate a campaign about your needs and publish it.
  2. You are allowed to withdraw any amount you generate.
  3. 5% is charged from the total funds raised on its platform.
BoostUpYou can get money tofinance long-term projects like getting a house, car, and lots more.
  1. Registration is free.
  2. 5% is deducted from the total fundraising.
  3. 5% processing fees are deducted.
  4. 20cent is deducted on each pledge in your account.

To ease you the stress of searching, I will be guiding you through the platforms through which you can meet people that can give money away to you online.

How You Can Get Money From Rich People Fast

In our world today, the rich people are the ones that are believed to give money away to people in need of it. The vast majority of these rich people are available on fantastic platforms so that they can reach out to more people that need money effortlessly. Before you get to know these platforms, you need to know how best you can follow the sites to get updates about their promos and other outstanding benefits they will offer you. The steps you need to take when you identify your favorite platform are

1. Select Trusted Websites

The first step you need to take to get the platforms that offer money giveaway promos is to search for legitimate, trustworthy, and reputable websites. When you get the list of these legit websites, you can make a shortlist based on the reviews of their users.

2. Create an Account

Once you have selected the trusted website you which to follow for the money giveaway promos, you need to create an account. Signing up to become a member of the platform will qualify you to receive up-to-date information about ongoing and upcoming promos.

3. Provide a Story

Many a time, most money giveaway platforms will require you to provide a story to enable you to benefit from their kind gesture. When writing your story, ensure it is short, appealing, compelling, and engaging as much as possible. Note that only short stories can be appealing to the mediators and rich people of the platforms to read - because they receive a lot of requests per time. Apart from composing a compelling story, you can participate in riddles and quizzes to become qualified for money giveaway promos.

4. Send the Story

Once you have composed the appealing story, you can send it to the website mediator. The role of the mediator is to promote the story to the rich people on the platform. They also make an advertisement in advance of your story promoted. If you are lucky to have your story promoted, you can be sure that you will have the money.

5. Get the Money

For you to get the money from the platform, you need to have a PayPal account. A PayPal account is essential because it is the payment method widely recognized by the websites that give money away to people.

Sites to Getting Giveaway Money

Now that I have discussed the procedures, you need to follow to get free money from rich people online - it is pertinent to discuss the sites where you can get the free money seamlessly. The sites are

1. BegsList - Rich People Link


BegsList is a fantastic website that is designed with an attractive interface that is easy to navigate for all categories of users. The site is dedicated to rich people that are willing to give free money to individuals in need of essential purposes. With BegsList, you can get free money to fund your school fees, lease, food, and other vital needs. To get free money from rich people on BegsList, you need to come up with an appealing story. If your story can win the heart of the rich people, you will surely get money from them.

2. GoFundMe - Rich People Link


GoFundMe is an excellent platform that has generated over $50 billion since its inception. The site has a similar working principle as a fundraising platform. GoFundMe is dedicated to people that need money to pay their medical bills, hospital bills, and lots more. On GoFundMe, money is donated by strangers to the people in need. You can get free money on GoFundMe when you send a report on your need to the mediator. One good thing about GoFundMe is that you can get free money by sharing your report on social media. GoFundMe has made its services available to all people that need free money because the platform supports mobile devices.

3. Crowdfunder - Rich People Link


If you are a business owner or you just started a small business, Crowdfunder is the best website for you. The site is designed for people that need money to finance and promote their businesses. However, accessing funds on Crowdfunder comes at a cost. When you register on the platform, you will need to pay a sum of $299 per month as subscription fees. Then Crowdfunder will connect you with competent investors that can give you money to develop and promote your business.

4. Fundly - Rich People Link


Fundly is a trusted platform through which you can get free money from rich people. The site is designed with a fascinating interface that makes it easier for new users to operate. On Fundly, you can get free money from rich people in your area or location. All you need to do is to create a campaign and set a targeted amount that you want to generate on Fundly. Then you can start getting donations when you publish the campaign. With Fundly, you can withdraw your money - even if you don't meet up with your target. Also, Fundly charge 4.9% on each donation and 3% as processing charges when you are withdrawing the money.

5. Indiegogo - Rich People Link


Indiegogo is a platform through which you can get free money from rich people that desire to help individuals in need. On the site, you need to create a campaign and publish it. The campaign must contain what you want to do with the money. Whatever you write in the campaign is what can motivate rich people to help you when they see your campaign. Indiegogo will allow you to withdraw your money - even when you are unable to meet up with your target. Indiegogo will charge 5% of the total funds raised on its platform.

6. BoostUp - Rich People Link


BootUp is a trustworthy platform through which you can get free money from rich people without spending your dollar. On BootUp, you will need to create an account to become eligible to get free money. Money raised on BootUp can be used to finance long-term projects like getting a house, car, and lots more.

7. Kickstarter - Rich People Link


If you have a business idea and you need money to fund it, Kickstarter is the right choice for you. With Kickstarter, you can get money to start your business. The money giveaway platform will require you to register to start enjoying its services. Also, partial fundraising is not allowed on Kickstarter. On Kickstarter, you will be charged 5% of your total fundraised. Also, you will be charged 5% processing fees and 20cent on each pledge in your account.


Getting free money from the money giveaway platforms discussed is easy and straightforward. Explore any of them today and get money to implement your business idea and finance your long-term projects.

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Born and raised in an environmentally conscious family, Homer developed a strong awareness of the impact of human activities on the planet from a young age. This early exposure to eco-friendly practices and sustainability principles inspired her to pursue a career focused on promoting renewable energy and advocating for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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