Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2023

Legal Anime Streaming Online

by Homer Dennis

Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2023 - It is obvious that anime popularity has not reached the peak; it is getting more popular every day. The reason behind the anime’s popularity is its diversity. Anime platform can be used to create movies for any story line in any genre. Thus, there are anime movies for every age group.

Reason for Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2023

The movies; The Attack on Titan, Your Name, Spirited Away, Naruto, Howl’s Moving Castle, Dragon Ball Super, Poke Man, and so many more feature in the world’s highest grossing movies ever, and in case you do not know, they are all anime movie. The anime movie business has been blooming in the past few decades, and everyone wants to have a share of the cake, that’s why some websites have sprung up to provide illegally curated anime movies for users to stream. Somewhere is in the world, providing or streaming illegal contents might be the order of the day, but in the United States and other advanced countries, it is punishable by law. However, there are streaming websites that provide free legal contents, or at a reasonably lower price.

Free List of Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2023

Good news is that you can stream on these websites anywhere in the world without the fear of breaking any law of the land.

AnimeFreak.TV - Anime Streaming Site Link


AnimeFreak .TV is one of the few anime movies streaming websites that have a license for curating anime movies; the website follows proper guidelines so as not to clash with piracy law and other related laws AnimeFreak .TV is ideal when you need to explore a vast database of anime movies; this site features over 500 distinct anime series. The website appearance is visually appealing and minimalistic; the site is dark-themed with white texts, black background and foreground of various colors; according to the color of movie images.

Downloading anime movies on AnimeFreak .TV is restricted, but you can stream from both mobile and desktop devices. AnimeFreak .TV offers the best content quality, but you can choose to go for lesser quality such as 360P when your device screen is small, or you don’t want to consume much data. Buffering time is minimal, and streaming is lag-free. AnimeFreak .TV updates episodes for ongoing series every day. Streaming on AnimeFreak .TV website is free, but you need to register first.

According to Alexa; AnimeFreak .TV receives seven million visitors every month. So now you should be convinced that AnimeFreak .TV is an excellent anime movie streaming website. Ready to explore AnimeFreak .TV? Visit now.

Anime-Planet - Site Link


In a casual usage; a planet refers to the collection of similar species in large quantities. So, using this definition of the word ‘planet’, Anime-Planet is a planet for anime movies indeed. The website boasts of over 45,000 legal episodes to stream, that is a lot of contents. Anime-Planet fulfills all guidelines in curating its contents, so you have nothing to worry about while streaming from the site. In addition to animes:

· Anime-Planet also features rare Manga Series which you can read.

· Recommendations section to help you select a hot series.

· Soundtracks from your favorite anime series.

· Characters review sorted by most loved characters and most hated characters.

· A community where you can meet other anime fans and review or read reviews on availableanime and manga series.

· You can also take part in different types of discussion relating to the website’s contents.

Either you want it subbed or dubbed, on PC or on mobile; Anime-Planet has got you covered. Streaming on Anime-Planet is partially free; you can get membership access to stream anime contents with ads. Better still, you can use third-parties like Crunchyroll to purchase premium ads-free access. Cheers! You will get a free trial when you subscribe Anime-Planet through Crunchyroll. Visit to start with the most popular series on Anime-Planet.

Chia Anime - Streaming Site Link

Chia Anime
Chia Anime

It will be ironic if Chia Anime is not a legal anime movie streaming website; the website is founded by pioneers and innovators of the Japanese anime industry, so Chia Anime is like the lawmaker in the anime industry. This the surest place to get original anime contents from various genres/categories.

The website design is minimalist and navigable; on the homepage, series titles are arranged in alphabetical order, clicking on any alphabet will take you to another page where you will see the full list of series starting with the clicked alphabet. Furthermore, the most recent episodes of the ongoing series are displayed on the homepage. Not satisfied with the listings, you can explore the ‘100 latest episodes’ on the website.

Chia Anime also features:

· Manga Series

· Anime Soundtracks

· Asian Drama

· And anime movies at the lesser quality for mobile devices

Chia Anime provides high-quality videos for PCs and devices with wider screens. Streaming on Chia Anime is free. Ready to explore Chia Anime? Follow this link;

Animelab - Anime Streaming Site Link


Animelab does not only offer legit Anime contents, but the site also provides the best streaming experience, a visit to the website will confirm this. The website design is futuristic and visually appealing. And it offers more accessibility than any other streaming sites on this list. With Animelab, you can stream on some major platforms by downloading their respective apps. Animelab supports IOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox and Smart TVs.

Animelab is exclusive to New Zealand and Australia, but the site owners are making efforts to make it available in more countries. You can submit your email so that will get a notification once Animelab is available in your country. However, you could use VPNs to access the website, but you shouldremember we are talking about legality here.

This anime streaming site features over forty-five genres, and as expected, the site offers contents with excellent video quality. Common movie resolutions of you will find on Animelab website are 720P and 1080P. Currently streaming on the site are:

· One Punch Man season one and season two.

· One Piece.

· Attack on the Titan, season three.

Navigate to to access the Animelab library.

Go Go Anime - Anime Streaming Site

Go Go Anime
Go Go Anime

Go Go Anime is another anime movie streaming website to check out; the website is similar to AnimeFreak .TV in appearance and also has wide collects of anime movies as well. Go Go Anime has been in the anime business for a very long time, the site provides subbed or dubbed version of anime series faster than others, so it should not surprise the site is still ranked among the best. The video quality of contents is excellent too.

You can arrange and view episodes in three modes:

· The movie images and titles in the grid view

· The first list view displays more episodes but with smaller images

· And the second list view only shows the episode titles and no image at all

The ‘Ongoing Animes’ section gives you quick access to the latest episodes of current animes. Visit to get started. - Site Link

KissAnime . ru is people’s favorite not because of its free anime streaming online, not because of its vast library, but because of the anticipation of upcoming anime movies. KissAnime . ru have an upcoming feature that keeps fans alert, the site posts updates on future movies or episodes with pictures and trailers that keep people longing for the contents. KissAnim . ru follows proper guidelines in curating its contents, so the site is a legal anime streaming site. What is more amazing about the website is that, once you have registered and logged in, you can download your favorite anime movie/series on your device and watch later even without an internet connection. The downloading feature is free and exclusive to registered members.

The website design is ever enticing; white text on a black background and the foreground is designed in lime green. A tabbed navigation menu is visible on the homepage; the tabs link to various sections like:

· Home; where you see news about upcoming anime movies, recent episodes, announcements, and lots more.

· Anime List; where all available anime contents are listed and categorized.

· Mobile; all anime contents suitable for mobile devices are listed here.

· Report/Request; you can request for animes that are not yet existing on KissAnime . ru using this page, and the page also displays links to where you can give reports on issues arising from using KissAnime . ru streaming service.

· Forum; here you can participate in various ongoing discussions about anime series.

· Read Manga; a page to read available manga collections.

· Read Novels and Watch Drama.

Ready to visit KissAnime . ru? Follow this link;

AnimeStreams - Streaming Site Link


AnimeStreams contains best anime contents you can stream, the site features both anime series and movies from various genres. In addition to animes, you can also stream traditional cartoons on the website.

The site has got everything you about anime that you might be looking for elsewhere, and the interface design is commendable. The site’s design is blue-themed, and the content layout is simple grid-style layout. Unlike other websites that will take you to another page to display the information when you click on a movie, AnimeStreams displays the info when you hover on each movie.

The site features main navigation that links to Ongoing, Anime Series and Anime Movies. AnimeStreams homepage is neat and concise, in addition to the main navigation on the Homepage; the site has multiple sections, each with its tab. And a search box to locate contents on the go. AnimeStreams offers maximum streaming experience, and it is free. Visit the website via

AnimeUltima - Anime Streaming Site


AnimeUltima is another free anime streaming site; the site hosts a rich collection of anime contents ranging from individual movies to series. AnimeUltima website design is simple and easy to navigate; all latest episodes are readily available on the homepage, or you can just type the name of the anime you are looking for in the search box. Each anime featured in the grid layout has its ratings attached, this helps new users to know which animes is people streaming.

Video quality of AnimeUltima contents is great, and streaming is lag-free. The site requires signing up before you can access its contents. AnimeUltima also has a community which only registered users can access when they log in. AnimeUltima site location is at Streaming on AnimeUltima is free, and you can stream from both PC and mobile devices.

KuroAni - Site Link


Aside from featuring 100% free contents, accessibility is another feature that makes KuroAni outstanding among its peers; you do not need to sign up to stream anime contents from the KuroAni website. In addition to anime movies and series, KuroAni also provides a lot of traditional cartoons, and streaming any content on KuroAni is completely free.

User experience on KuroAni website is excellent, to stream a movie or episode all you have to do is hover on it, and the play button will be visible, then you can click on the button, and the streaming will commence. The type ofthe content, e.g. sub or dub, is attached on its content, and title coupled with the episode (if the content is a series) is also displayed.

KuroAni navigation is simple; the top navigation bar features:

· Anime; links to all animes on the site.

· Cartoon; links to all cartoons on the site.

· Popular; links to the most streamed contents on the site, whether cartoons or animes.

· Schedule; links to a page that displays upcoming movies and episodes.

· Info & Staff; links to information about the website, and information of the team running the website.

· Donate; everything KuroAni offers is free, but you can donate to keep the good work going.

· Search; this opens the search dialog box.

KuroAni has a discord channel where you can submit complaints if you have any, visit KuroAni website via

KaiPlays - Streaming Site Link


KaiPlays provides Japanese-dubbed animes and cartoons in various genres; the site’s streaming contents are all good, so you are not committing crime streaming from the website. You can find movies and series using the name of your favorite characters or artist, streaming on the site is free, and you do not need to sign up. KaiPlays Player is available for Android and IOS, or you can stream from the website via

Conclusion over Free Best Anime Streaming Sites of 2023

The number of illegal anime streaming sites outnumbers the legal ones. However, there are hundreds of legal anime streaming websites and finding them is a bit tedious. But you can start with the sites posted above. Happy streaming!

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