Tvtap Live Tv Apk For Android Download January 2023

01/2023 Latest UKTV Now APK Download

by Homer Dennis

Literally, everyone loves movies, yea, maybe not literally but everyone has enjoyed a movie before. And everyone would at least love to enjoy a similar movie again. But then again, not everyone would like to sit in front of the TV for hours watching a movie. But everyone who has a mobile phone always takes it along. So? Every movie lover can always watch a movie. How? Through UkTV now App.

What is UKTV NOW or TVTap Live TV?

UkTVnow App, also known as TVTap Live TV is a mobile App that lets you watch TV with your Smartphone, anywhere and anytime. Yes! You can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go, that means you don't have to be limited by the immobility of your Television.

It gets even interesting, UkTVnow, now updated and rebranded as TV Tap Live TV, provides you with over three hundred (300) channels from top Europe and many other top countries of the world. And as if that is not enough,UkTVnow service is free. That means you can access hundreds of movies and TV show in the U .S, Canada, India, and Europe with your mobile phone for free

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Features Of UkTVnow APK January 2023

Features Of UkTVnow APK January 2023
Features Of UkTVnow APK January 2023

They are so many amazing features to acknowledge when talking about UkTVnow app. One of my personal favorites is the fact I don't have to be interrupted by pop-up ads as in most other moving streaming App do. Pop-up ads can be very annoying and slow buffering too. UkTVnow supports fast loading which makes movies watching experience a lot more comfortable.

Below are the highlights of some features we find remarkable in UkTVnow App

· Free access without sign up: With UkTVnow you don't need any sigh-up to stream your favorite movies and shows. It grants you direct access for free.

· Fast Buffering and HD support: UkTVnow revives the experience of watching from a plasma TV with its high definition and no buffering.

· Non-intrusive Ads: Of course UkTVnow is not totally ads free, you can expect its ads to not pop-up in a crucial moment like when you're watching the film.

· Nine different categories: UkTVnow is not short of option but provides you with nine categories of streaming videos, some of which are: Movies, News, Music, Cookery, Spiritual and Entertainment.

· Simple and User-friendly Interface: What is a great App without simplicity. UkTVnow is very easy to use even for starters.

· Saving videos for offline and playlist: UkTVnow gives you the option to save and watch your videos offline so you can always go back to watch your favorite videos. You also have the option to create a playlist of movies that play at the stipulated time and order you have assigned it to.

· Use your favorite or local video player:This is an interesting feature because it allows you to make use of the video player that suits you most from your phone.

· Channels from multiple countries: Even though you're using a television set, it only offers you local channels from your country except you use a decoder. UkTVnow app provides you with different channels from multiple countries, giving you a wilder option and culture.

· Provides more than one link to a particular channel: You just have to marvel how UkTVnow got everything covered. To prevent heavy traffic, more than one link is provided to a channel.

· Has a premium option: UkTVnow App has a premium package that comes with a lot of benefits

· Firestick and Andriod box support: UkTVnow App grant you the option of streaming your movie or video with a big screen

· Chormecast: UkTVnow App also supports Chormecast

· Easy Search: UkTVnow App has an easy search format and visible filters for you to search for your movies

How to Download And Install UkTVNow App for all Device

UkTVnow App is not difficult to download and install but of course,the downloading procedure is different for all devices. We will be showing you how to download and install UkTVnow App for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Download UkTVnow APK for Android 01 2023

Download UkTVnow APK for Android 01 2023
Download UkTVnow APK for Android 01 2023

Unfortunately, UkTVNow is not available on Play Store so you have to download from third parties. But we will be providing the official websitehere, to download the App for your Android devices. Before you download the App, you might need to know, if you didn't know before, that Andriod devices do not support the installation of Apps not from Play Store. That means they are some settings you have to adjust before you go ahead. For the sake of first-timers, we would be breaking down the procedure step by step.

Step By Step To Install UkTVnow App for Andriod

· First, you go to your settings, then you open the security. You would see an option called unknown Sources which allows you to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Enable this option.

· After doing that, you can now go ahead to download the App (if you haven't downloaded it already).

When you're done downloading, click on the install button, wait a while till your installation completes and then go ahead andopen it or exit to use later.

The most recent version of UkTVnow App was updated in 2018. It is version 8.16. It is free and download is available in APK only. To download in PC or iOS, scroll up to read our guidelines. The App size is 26.7 MB, and it supports Android version 4.2 or higher

App Name


App Size

26.7 MB


Latest Update

App Developer


Android Support Version

Version 4.2 and higher

DownloadAndroid UkTVnow APK Download

UkTVnow For PC windows

The bad news is that you can't make use of UkTVnow for PC because it's an Android mobile App. The good news though is, there is a way to bypass that using an emulator. Emulator, as the name implies, is a device or program made to enable one computer to behave like another computer. You first download an Android emulator in your PC and then you can download and install the App. One of the best Android emulators you can use for PC is Bluestacks, we will be showing you step-by-step guidelines on how you can use it.

Step By Step To Install UkTVnow App for PC

· First, you download Bluestacks or any other good emulator you know.

· Next, you open the downloaded file and install it on your PC.

· After that, you'd see it request you sign-in. Sign in using your Facebook or Google account.

· Download the UkTVnow App if you haven't already done that.

· In your Bluestacks, you'd see an install APK option in the left panel, click on it.

· Find and select the UkTVnow App file and click on it, you'd observe it will begin installing.

When the installation is complete, it means your UkTVnow App is ready to use on your PC. Open it from Bluestack and stream the favorite movies and TV shows of your choice.

UkTVnow App for iOS

Just like in the case of PC, the App is not available for iOS devices. This is sad because UkTVNow is a great App so we can only hope that in due time the App developers will make the App more versatile. In the meantime, we'd be using a simple trick to get the App on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Learn the step by step processes below.

Step By Step To Install UkTVnow App for iOS

· First, you have todownload Kodi in your device. Download Kodi Krypton latest for your iPhone/iPad

· Click and install the Kodi file

· Open the App and find UkTVnow App add-on.

· Lastly, you click and install.

This method only works in a very recent version of the iOS operating system so be sure to update your iOS if it is old.

You have to note that UkTVnow TV App is an Android App, so should in case you're still having issues installing it with other devices, you can download another video and TV streaming App

To watch your favorite movies and TV phones on your mobile is very interesting. Also, UkTVnow presents you the chance to experience the big screen while streaming with your phone. This can be done by playing the video on firestick or Kodi. Watching your movie on firestick or Kodi would be nothing short of trilling

UkTVnow Most recent or Latest Version

The developers of UkTVnow App constantly strive on how to make the App better. Version XX.16 didn't offer obvious new feature but the upgrade was great, anyway. It upgraded on its channels by adding Turkish and many other channels to its collections. it also solved the background audio issue it was having in the previous version. It also brought a new feature that allows you to select a particular country you want to have their channels displayed for you alone. If not, you can easily change to all countries.

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