Best Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free

by Homer Dennis

The world is evolving with technology, and the movie industry is not left behind. Over the years, you could only have access to movies from the movie store. However, as time passed, many websites have been developed to ensure a more comfortable and faster streaming of movies. Now, there are countless websites online where you can select any movie of your choice based on the quality, format, and type of film.

Why Watching Bollywood Movies for Free ?

Bollywood film has managed to capture many adherents worldwide, including myself. Dances, songs, love stories, adventure stories, and more have been the perfect ingredients to add fans to this genre. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that there are different websites where you can watch Bollywood movies comfortably, but for FREE and 100% legal will surprise you.

The following list - in no particular order - will present the best options to enjoy these Indian productions without registration or sign up. Pay attention!

NOTE: Advertisements often come with some of these websites. Although they can also prove to be very invasive and even abusive, this makes it possible to pay the developers who created these websites. You can limit your advertising follow-up or use an ad blocker for a wonderful experience.

List of Best Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free

1. Hotstar - Site Link


This is one of the best Bollywood websites for all Bollywood movie fans. Hotstar is a studio-supported online streaming service that provides a different choice of free films while the free Bollywood movie collection is not that bad either. If a film does not succeed at the box office, it is generally available in a few months. And besides Bollywood movies, you also have access to international movies, series, and more. If you like Bollywood movies, take a look.

2. FMovies - Site Link


Fmovies is like 123movies, but it makes everything better, providing free full-length Hindi movies, Hollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, and other fantastic movies you would desire on the internet. Everything is on Fmovies! This website also offers topnotch movies and TV shows that are well classified into different sections such as drama, romance, action, thriller, and also anime, which can't be found on 123movies. In addition. If you're an anime lover, Fmovies is the best solution provider to all you'd think of in the world of an anime show. For beginners, you should start with Tamil, Death Note, and Telugu, all FREE without sign up or registration.

3. PutLocker

Putlockers is one of the best sites that you can easily watch different Bollywood and Hollywood series and movies, including drama, action, romance, mystery, comedy, and many more. With PutLocker, you've got the opportunity to free movies online from any part of the world without any hassle. As a user-friendly site, most of these Movies have been selected based on their quality, categories, and country.

4. YifyMovies TV

This is another website that offers a user-friendly interface for watching Bollywood movies online for free without registration or sign up. The site gathers films or series based on tags such as well-known releases. On YifyMovies TV, users can easily locate all necessary content that can be found on the internet, NO sign up required.

5. YoMovies

YoMovies is also one of the popular, free-movie streaming websites that requires no sign-up or registration. This site gives the user the chance to stream Bollywood movies in 3D with an easy interface. Besides, users can search for free Bollywood movies according to their top IMDB, and ratings.

6. VexMovies - Site Link


Do you need one of the best sites to watch free Bollywood movies online? VexMovies can provide you with free HD Bollywood movies online. Unlike others that have been mentioned, you don't get affected by any ads or pop-ups - this bonus positions VexMovies well amongst its competitors. You neither have to sign up or register to watch Bollywood series or movies on this fantastic website, and you can surf based on their genres, including thriller, romance, action, drama, etc.

7. 123movies

123movies provides hottest Hollywood and Hindi movies classified into different genres based on their countries, the release year, rating, and trending. This is not only peculiar to Bollywood movies but also famous TV shows, and you don't have to bother yourself with any registration or sign up. It's the maximum satisfaction you can desire during your favorite Bollywood movie experience.

8. IOMovies

This is another wonderful website that permits users to watch recent, highly rated Bollywood movies free, including TV shows, Bollywood movies, and exciting Hollywood movies online. For easy interface, IOMovies provides different categories, including a segment for top-rated Bollywood and Hollywood movies and series, and also a section for the suggestion of movies. IOMovies is a movie website that doesn't need any registration or sign-up, and you have the chance to watch Bollywood movies for free. NO stress of downloading before watching your favorite Bollywood movies; with IOMovies, you get everything you crave.

9. BoxTV

Do you need the best option to make your TV portable and watch online free Bollywood movies? BoxTV is a superb option for you, and it's a website with a massive library of Bollywood movies providing most of the well-known 70s, 80s, and 90s Bollywood movies. BoxTV is a choice every user trust to provide enjoyable and different Hindi movies and series.

It allows the most straightforward approach to have all you need in TV shows, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies, not excluding short movies that are well organized all in one place. With easy to use interface starting from the Home page, users can browse the Bollywood epics. Furthermore, users can search for their favorite movies based on the trend, rating, and year of release. BoxTV is an amazing platform where users could desire to watch interesting Bollywood movies at any point in time.

10. Hungama Movies

This is one of the most famous websites offering a huge list of Bollywood movies online. Users have the opportunity to watch a preview of every Bollywood movie on this website for free without any registration or sign up. More so, users can also view their favorite TV shows, Music videos, and other clips on the website.

Hungama Movies are accessible in other languages such as Punjabi, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, and many others.

11. Vidmate

Vidmate is a free Hollywood movie site with links to your favorite movie, including Bollywood movies. The website provides links to several sites such as Dailymotion, Vine, YouTube, etc. Surf the list of films from A to Z and watch your favorite movies in HD, BluRay, or Mp4 video format. Not only do you get movies, but you can also watch music videos from Vidmate.

12. Voot

This is another website that gives users Bollywood blockbuster movies. It's reliable and worth giving a try too. You can search by entering the title of the movie in the search bar and click Search. The video quality is available in HD Avi and MP4. Also, check out the website to watch horror movies, Punjabis movies, action, etc.

13. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is one of the best websites that provides free Bollywood movies. This is another great place to watch Indian movies, and certainly one of the best regional and Hindi movie sites. Aside from Bollywood films, the service offers a large selection of Telugu and Tamil films as well as international films. Just like Hotstar, you can find a lot of new movies here with its streaming capabilities. If you like Hotstar, you will love this one too.

14. YouTube

We all know YouTube for its famous video tutorials, no-download videos, trailers, and music albums. But YouTube is also a vast repository of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. If you search thoroughly, you will find several channels that allow you to watch movies for free. If you're an indie buff, YouTube is also an excellent source for popular movies that you never find elsewhere.

Conclusion of Best Bollywood Movie Sites for Free

One of the best moments is when you fall asleep watching warm-hearted movies or series under a blanket. And in this quest for ultimate streaming experience, these websites have made it their mission to help you by offering this excellent opportunity that will save many of your evenings.

Being able to watch a film or series for free at home without taking the risk of illegal downloading is still very nice. But finding a free and reliable streaming site to access series and movies is not always easy. You can wander the net for hours before finding your happiness, and if you are looking to watch Bollywood series or movies, the choice is even more limited.

We have made for you this fantastic list of the best, free streaming sites for Bollywood movies - something to spice your evenings or even the whole night. We understand that when you like to watch movies and series, you can't stop. More so, movies are informative, soothing, and enlightenening, so it is really our pleasure to help you. With a good internet connection, you will definitely find what you are looking for on these sites.

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