Online Selling Sites like Craigslist 2023

by Homer Dennis

OInline Selling Sites like Craigslist 2023 - Say you’ve been doing your spring cleaning and you’ve realized that you have something to buy or sell. Your neighbor says that Craigslist is perfect for what you need.

Why Looking for Craigslist Alternatives ?

You’ve heard of the website, obviously, because it’s popular across America and even has sites for other locations around the globe. But, you tell your neighbor, one time your great aunt had a truly terrible experience when she tried to sell her old hand-embroidered tablecloths to a rude kid on that website. Anyways, no matter what, you absolutely do not want to use Craigslist.

Lucky for you, Craigslist isn’t the only buy/sell website on the worldwide web. Regardless of your personal reason for looking elsewhere, sites and apps that offer the same services as Craigslist can provide you with new options and various special features to set them apart and ensure that you won’t repeat your great aunt’s mistakes.

What does a Site like Craigslist generally offer?

· Local or distant buyers/ sellers depending on your preference

· Listings of job offers, services, resumes, pets, housing and more (depending on the site)

List of Online Selling Sites like Craigslist 2023

Each site or app has different features to offer, so the best way to start your search is to narrow it down by your priorities. What do you value most in your hunt to buy/sell?

Sites with Similar Safety like Craigslist

One downside to these buy/sell sites is the danger that accompanies doing business with a stranger. Some sites specialize in keeping you safe during the transaction, so if safety is your main concern, these might be the best for you.

1. Offerup - Site Link


Offerup prides itself on the safety of its users. Each buyer/seller receives a rating based on past transactions and ID verification prevents fake profiles.

Offerup even allows you to view any Facebook friends that you may have in common with your buyer/seller to make you more comfortable during your cooperation. This site offers apps for the iphone or android and maintains safe practices even on mobile devices.

2. Geebo - Site Link


For individuals with a paralyzing fear of meeting buyers/sellers in person, Geebo offers a “safe trade” option. This allows the buyer and seller to meet up at the local police station while completing the sale.

Geebo also allows users to report any scammers or abusers to the site. These individuals will be examined by Geebo for misconduct.

Sites with Similar Community like Craigslist

Some individuals are interested in forming lasting connections with their buyers/sellers, which feeds into the security and safety of their transactions. If you’re one of those individuals, these sites offer close groups of people looking to buy/sell to other individuals they feel that they can trust.

1. Bookoo - Site Link


The main appeal of Bookoo is its family and military-friendly atmosphere. Bookoo has locations in major cities, and these are in close proximity to military bases. This allows individuals in the military to sell excess items more easily than they might on other sites or apps.

Bookoo also has a more personal feel because of the use of buyer/seller bios, which include profile pictures and transaction history. If you’re military or just seeking a sale that is personable, Bookoo has your back.

2. Varage Sale - Site Link

Varage Sale
Varage Sale

Varage Sale specifically groups buyers/sellers by community. A user can choose from both physical and online communities to buy/sell in, including communities based around the interests of the user.

With Android and iPhone apps, Varage Sale offers a convenient and intimate buy/sell experience. The community feel to the site gives users a neighborhood, garage sale experience without leaving the internet.

3. Facebook Marketplace - Site Link

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Unsurprisingly, the features of Facebook make the social media platform ideal for transactions within a community of interconnected individuals. Facebook Marketplace is ideal for posting or searching up items, vehicles, rentals and more.

Marketplace also includes a “Buy and Sell Groups” feature which plays into the community aspect of the exchanges. Even before joining a group, Facebook buyers/sellers can see the profiles and friends of their group members to ensure a friendly exchange or to decide which users to avoid.

4. Peerhub - Site Link


Whether you want to shop in a local community or across the country, Peerhub allows either. It maintains a community feel no matter where you decide tobuy/sell, because Peerhub users each maintain a social media page with the site.

When a Peerhub user gains followers on their social media, their rating improves. That means the chance of the user’s products being sold improves, too. This allows buyers to feel that they know more about the Peerhub seller than they might on other apps, giving the experience a friendly feel.

Sites with Similar Niche Products like Craigslist

Sometimes a general search on a large market like Craigslist isn’t specific enough to suit your needs. Occasionally some sites don’t offer sales in what you’re searching for. In the case of a specific need, these sites cater to you.

1. Letgo - Site Link


According to reviewers, Letgo is superior to Craigslist in its categorizing of product listings. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for if what you’re looking for has its own niche. Letgo also allows its sellers to post videos of their products, which proves to buyers that the item is exactly what they want.

Users of Letgo must verify their Facebook or Google accounts, which adds a layer of security to the site. Buyers/sellers can talk to each other through the app, which eliminates need for number or email exchange.

2. Trove Market - Site Link

Trove Market
Trove Market

Shoppers of secondhand furniture will appreciate Trove Market. This site only allows buyers/sellers of furniture for any room of the house and in all categories imaginable, even including artwork and ceramics. This site has a verified app that might make shopping more convenient for the average multi-tasker.

For those who prioritize safety, it’s important to note that buyers must typically visit a seller in person to pick up the furniture due to its bulky size. However, with smaller pieces, buyers/sellers might be able to arrange tohave the furniture shipped.

3. Oodle - Site Link


If you desire to purchase or sell a pet, house or car, Oodle might be best for you. These categories are the specialties of Oodle, and people from across the country are included in its listings, so you have more options as long as you’re willing to drive.

Oodle sets itself apart from many buy/sell sites because it includes listings from sites like Ebay. Though sellers do physically post to the site, other offers will pop up that have been added by Oodle itself to suggest a better deal to you.

Similar Convenience like Craigslist

Accessibility and tons of products are the names of the game for these sites. Either or both of thesemay have limited use where you live unless you inhabit a major city, but if that’s the case you have a ton of other options to explore.

1. OLX - Site Link

Online Selling Sites like Craigslist 2023: OLX
Online Selling Sites like Craigslist 2023: OLX

Popular especially in India, OLX sells an enormous range of products. Because buyers/sellers post their own listings, it is important to carefully check the materials of what you buy (since PETA has posted a letter which states that protected animal products may be sold on this site).

OLX has its own app, like many sites listed, which help buyers/sellers maneuver through tons of products whenever they want. As long as you’re a smart shopper, you can find great success with OLX.

2. Socialsell - Site Link


Unlike the rest of these sites similar to Craigslist, Social Sell is only accessible in app-form. This means sales are quick and convenient.

Apart from that, communication happens directly in the app like Letgo. This keeps users from sharing personal information without necessity or if they are uncomfortable. Thanks to Social Sell’s organized layout and in-app communication, users feel relaxed and in control while creating transactions.

International Trade like Craigslist

Many sites operate in places other than the United States. These sites are especially helpful if you’re from another country or just want to try your luck by making deals abroad.

1. Gumtree - Site Link


Gumtree is largely based in the UK and has grown popular in Australia and South Africa. A small base of users exists in the US, but this number promises to grow.

This site offers job listings, property, pets and motors. If you prioritize safety, it’s wise to do some background checks into buyers/sellers before you make a transaction, because this site (like many sites) has been used to foil people out of their money in the past.

2. Kijiji - Site Link


The Canadian version of Craigslist, Kijiji, is a popular classifieds site. Resumes, services, jobs, vacation rentals and more are listed for buyers to choose from.

Like Letgo, Kijiji offers the option of including videos with products. This way, buyers can examine what they’re buying before making a deal with the seller.

3. Locanto - Site Link


Locanto is used in the US, Austria, Canada, South Africa and other locations around the globe. When selling a product, users are allowed to include links, pictures and even HTML code in their descriptions.

Though anyone can post to Locanto, each ad only remains visible for 60 days. Things offered on the site include classes, events, personals, jobs, pets, vehicles and more.

Conclusion of Online Selling Sites like Craigslist 2023

Don’t stress. There are plenty of apps and websites to suit your various buy/sell needs, and if you really need to get the job done it might be useful to post to more than one. No matter the reason you refuse to use the overrated Craigslist site, you’ll find what you’re looking for in at least one of these several alternatives.

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