Best Dividend Income Trackers

by Homer Dennis

A dividend income tracker is an important tool that can help investors build an effective and stable financial portfolio. This financial portfolio is used by investors to access the income gap during retirement so that they can take the necessary actions. It is a software designed to track your investments and dividend income.

You can build a strong dividend portfolio with the dividend income trackers listed in this guide. They represent some of the top dividend income tracker online.

Financial dividend income trackers are used to monitor and manage income progress on stock investments which leads to generating more capital for more investments. When investing, you need to make the right decisions. Making use any good dividend trackers discussed in this guide should be the first step to take.

You need to study this guide if you are someone who dedicates a lot of time into dividend growth investing. Furthermore, understanding how to use dividend income trackers for investments will save you a lot of money and time.

The importance of dividend income trackers

  • They are used by individuals to improve financial portfolio returns.
  • You can use the software to craft a special strategy of investments.
  • You can use them to generate wealth through long-term interest plan.
  • They are used to make investments that will give you financial freedom.
Best Dividend Income Trackers
Best Dividend Income Trackers

As an investor, having access to any of the best dividend income trackers is not negotiable. You can make use of this guide to choose the one that best suits your personal interest and financial plans. Don't hesitate to check this smart trackers.

The Best Dividend Income Trackers on the Internet

Here is a comprehensive overview of the best income trackers;

Personal Capital - Link

Personal Capital
Personal Capital

This is an online investment tracking site that offers several useful tools to its wide range of users across the United States. It is a free to use financial tool that can help you make a long-term financial plan. When you create a profile on this app, you are allowed to link series of investment accounts while you study the progress through a graph. It could be stock investment or a retirement plan.

The retirement planner is the best useful tool offered on this site as it provides a means to access your retirement goals and level of success based on your current financial status. This app also allows investors to link dividend income accounts to their profile while they get to monitor their investments and long-term goals.

You can balance your investment portfolio with this excellent DI tracker app.

Major Benefits of Personal Capital :

  • You can track and manage your money with the wonderful dashboard.
  • You can forecast your retirement with an amazing Retirement Planner.
  • You can build an intelligent investment with an Investment Checkup tool.
  • You can uncover expensive hidden mutual funds fees with a Fee Analyzer.
  • Your financial data is safe and very secure with a multiple layer of security.

MorningStar - Link


Joe Mansueto founded this global financial service in 1984 and has the company's headquarters located in Chicago, United States. This site offers users a unique array of investment research and a robust investment management service.

This financial tool is mainly designed for professional investors and comes with a subscription fee. Paying the monthly subscription fee is worth it if you own stocks worth thousands of dollars. The premium analysis dashboard is just excellent.

Major Benefits of MorningStar :

  • You can invest in diverse niches with its unique plethora of guides.
  • This income tracker will increase your income generated from stocks.
  • You can use it as a guide to market volatility so as to avoid financial crisis.
  • The Portfolio X-Ray feature gives you a breakdown of your stock holdings.

Mint - Link

Best Dividend Income Trackers: Mint
Best Dividend Income Trackers: Mint

This is one of the best dividend income tracker on the internet. This app will help you manage your finances in the best possible ways. It is designed for financial tracking and budgeting. You can make the best out of the dividends you earn from your investments and stocks if you understand how to use this software.

You can link several financial accounts to your Mint profile such as;

Brokerage Account, 401(K) Account and Individual Retirement ( IRA) Account.

This amazing tracker will help you monitor the performance of these accounts and also give you a better understanding of where your investment is heading.

Major Benefits of Mint :

  • You can use it to budget the income you make from stocks.
  • It is an all-in-one financial app that offers users unlimited credit scores.
  • It will help you uncover unnecessary fees which allows you to save more.
  • The budgeting feature helps to increase your capital for more investments.

Robinhood - Link


This financial app is mainly designed for stocks. It is an excellent app used for managing stock and also tracking income dividend. The tools and features are user friendly which means a newbie won't find it difficult to navigate the site.

Robinhood has a unique feature that allows users to their historical and likely future dividend payments. It is a brokerage firm that pays out automatically.

You can constantly check the progress of your stocks and will get a notification whenever a dividend is paid. I will highly recommend this excellent investment and dividend income tracker because you can invest in stocks with just a dollar.

Major Benefits of Robinhood :

  • You can make unlimited commission-trades in stocks.
  • You can customize and manage your portfolio and trade in real time.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate and has a highly secured dashboard.
  • Notifications from dividend payments will encourage you to invest more.

Motley Fool - Link

Motley Fool
Motley Fool

This is a private financial and investment app that offers series of resources that can be used to get reliable information about dividend income. It might not be a direct dividend income tracker but it is a useful software used for investments.

You can get professional advice from a broker by creating a brokerage account. This platform will help you to invest in stocks that pays high dividends income.

This amazing platform has helped millions of people to attain financial freedom because of its premium investing services. You can start your journey of financial independence with

Major Benefits of Motley Fool :

  • You can stay informed about the stock market with its newsletter.
  • Its financial advising agency helps users build a good investment portfolio.
  • The stock advisor tool helps in checking a stock's historical performance.
  • You will get recommendation and reports about profitable stocks. - Link

This is one of the best dividend income tracker and management tool. This is a great platform if you are looking to make cash from your income dividend.

You can personalize your experience with this amazing financial app. You can find top rated dividend stocks with its unique list of industry leading stocks. There is a tool that allows users narrow down stocks that pays dividend from a wide pool of stocks. It also has an analytical tool known as "Dividend Stock Screener" that helps to match dividend paying stocks to your personal financial investment goals.

Major Benefits of :

  • You will have access to series of amazing free investors tools.
  • Synchronize your brokerage account with dividend Assistant feature.
  • It has an "Ex-Dividend Date" feature that monitors dividend payment.
  • Grow and manage your earnings with "Compounding Returns Calculator".

Finbox - Link


You can monitor all your stocks and investments with this wonderful software.

It is a complete financial toolbox for investors. It provides accurate information on big brands across the world and has an up to financial data on almost every exchange in the entire universe. This intelligent financial toolbox will help you navigate stocks and investment process on the platform.

You can build a custom model and research companies easily with this cool software. It's a stock screening app that optimizes your stock investments so as to increase the income generated from dividends. The automated analysis of spreadsheet makes it easy to trade on the stock market. The unique feature such as Google spreadsheet and Excel add-ons are used for financial models.

Major Benefits of Finbox :

  • You can gather historical data and find stocks that meets your criteria.
  • Automate your spreadsheet by importing data through excel add-ons.
  • The premium package has an affordable pricing to unlock metrics.
  • Monitor market movement by creating watchlists and customized views.

Yahoo! Finance - Link

Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

The final dividend income tracker on this list is Yahoo! Finance app. This app comes with series of useful tools and also provides update news about stock investments and finance related news. The user interface is easy to navigate.

This financial app is free and has millions of users around the world. It is a very popular app that helps investors track their bonds, stocks and commodities.

The information provided on this finance tracker is very genuine and reliable.

Major Benefits of Yahoo! Finance :

  • It is available for download on Android and iOS devices.
  • You can get real-time information of the stock investments.
  • You can track stock performance with the interactive screen charts.
  • The app will point you to buy stocks that will generate dividend income.


These are the best dividend income trackers you will ever find online. As an investor, it is important to pay attention to how you can generate the best dividend from stock investments. Focusing on those stocks that generates high dividend will help you make a lot of money. It is a good source of passive income.

You will also be able to increase your investments if you use quality dividend income trackers as well as trustworthy financial apps. The extra cash generated from dividends can always be reinvested. It is a very nice strategy.

Kindly tell us about your best dividend income tracker in the comment section.

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