Free Movie Download Sites in 2023

by Homer Dennis

Who doesn't love watching movies ?. Probably you eager to watch the latest blockbuster in town. Or its weekend you just wanna relax by watching a movie. To help you relieve a stressful week. You might be running on a low budget to visit the cinema. Or you just don't wanna leave your couch/bed.

So you decide to download the movies, but you can't afford Netflix or amazon. You could easily find a free website that offer free download. Google gives you an unsafe download site. In this article we will explore the various free movie download sites. Talking about their pros and cons. After the end of the article, you will have a wide range of site to select. When you want to download your next movie.

List of Free Movie Download Sites in 2023

These sites offer free download to download any free movie of your choice. They include

1. FMovies - Site Link


FMovies is one of the best website available online. You vcan easily download latest release, but in camRip dubbed. Its a free movie streaming and download site. It offers all the latest movies, series and Bollywood movies. FMovies also offers subtitle download in the HD version of movies. FMovies have well classified movies section. Classifications based on genre, popularity, IMDb, and country. And it comes without limitations of any kind. The site usually streams movies from torrents and other global sources.

Pros about FMovies

· Offers free streaming service.

· Updates site with latest film release .

· Download movies for free without hassle.

· No account and subscription needed .

· HD quality movie released with subtitle support.

Cons about FMovies

· Its an Illegal Streaming service. They get suspended a lot.

· Sometimes needs VPN.

· The site may be blocked. So they tweak the URL. Duration of block may be inconvenient.

2. Putlocker - Site Link


Next on the list is Putlocker. This is an online platform which indexes its movies. Movies usually gotten from various host website. It offers streaming services and download services. It was once ranked 250 in Alexa. All the services provided are usually free without any account or subscription needed. Movies can be downloaded for free. You can also stream your favorite show and movie in Putlocker.

Pros about Putlocker

· Offers HD-Quality movie and series streaming service.

· Offers latest releases in the cinema.

· No account and subscription needed.

· A large data collection of movies to download and watch.

Cons about Putlocker

· Illegal streaming and download site.

· May requires the use of VPN.

· It has an unstable Domain.

3. Sony Crackle - Site Link

Sony Crackle
Sony Crackle

Its a free online service available across 20+ countries. Its owned by Sony, and let's you stream Tv shows and Movies Online. As being, owned by Sony you can expect a large number of Sony pictures Movies. You can stream films and TV show without subscription. It has a wide range of movies and the trust of Sony. To download movies on this site, you will require a video extension. This is one of the best free download website.

They have a huge video library with loads of content and features. Its like watching movies on big screens.

Pros about Sony Crackle

· A very large library movie base.

· A very good quality video play.

· Simple and user friendly interface.

· A dedicated mobile app to it's user.

Cons about Sony Crackle

· The frequent ads can be annoying.

· The app is not available globally.

4. Tubi Tv - Site Link

Tubi Tv
Tubi Tv

This free service provides access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. Provides movies that are difficult to find elsewhere. They have a library of about 50,000tittles. One of the best, that rivals Netflix. The site runs on Ads. It has a variety of content for every age group. Whatever you looking for, you will find on Tubi TV.

Its weekend, just surf through the site. Stream and Download movies of your choice. You won't wanna leave this site when you are in.

Pros about Tubi TV

· Offers quality subtitle support.

· It has Less Frequency of Ads as Compared to Crackle.

· Offers new popular movies for Free.

Cons about Tubi TV

· Not all movies are free.

· Issue of Ads being displayed.

5. YesMovies - Site Link


YesMovies is one of the most popular movie streaming site. Its streaming is directly from torrent sites and open video channels. They switch domains due to the site being illegal. They broadcast movies and TV shows illegally. All your favorite TV series are here for you to download. They section their movies to the convenient of the users. They also have sections for various country movies. This makes it easier to search for movies in your preferred location.

Pros about YesMovies

· Offers free movies and streaming service.

· Simple and User friendly UI. Easy navigtion.

· Offer Subtitle Support.

Cons about YesMovies

· Copyright Issues.

· You may need a VPN in some countries.

6. 123Movies - Site Link


123Movies is a video streaming site that allows users to stream and download movies. They provide visitors and users with a large collection to movies and new releases. You don't really need to create a new account to make use of their services. You simply a click away from watching and streaming your favorite movie. They are constantly releasing new updates and releases. New movies that appear in theatres are usually released by 123Movies. The site also works like uplocker. They index their movies and usually blocked.

Pros about 123Movies

· Offers free streaming and download services.

· Provides subtitle support.

· No account and subscription needed.

· Provides latest releases of your favorite show.

Cons about 123Movies

· Unethical Streams and Illegal Downloads.

· Domain Unstable and is usually blocked.

· You may need VPN in some Countries.

7. YouTube - Site Link


There is no popular streaming service. As popular as YouTube. They have nothing less than a billion visits per month. YouTube are known to have one of the largest video library for any movie download site. You could easily download the app, and have a massive collection of independent movie. It also contains a number of international movies from across the world. They offer some quality features for it's users.

Pros about YouTube

· Unlimited Movie Collection.

· Provides suggestions and ratings of movies.

· Offers subtitle and video Quality Settings for its users.

· Movies hosted by YouTube itself making it legal.

Cons about YouTube

· Official channels may not upload movies.

· Movies uploaded may be taken down unnoticed.

· All the movies are not usually in HD.

8. IOMovies - Site Link


One of the best movie streaming sites with the latest TV shows and Movies. Its quite similar to other sites mentioned. They upload new movies soon after there release to the theater. You have unlimited access to movies and TV shows around the world. Simple and User friendly interface.

Pros about IOMovies

· Simple in design and user friendly.

· Fast load without buffering.

· Offers latest content.

· Offers subtitle support.

Cons about IOMovies

· Illegal download and streaming service.

· You may require VPN.

· Basic player may be needed.

· Most of the films are not in HD quality.

9. SnagFilms - Site Link


This site primarily sections movies from Hollywood. They have documentaries, Indian cinema, African, Spanish, French, and more movies. They have movies of various genres stocked on their site. They provide services that really set our expectations and level of trust to the next level.

They have action filled movies. Adventure, horror and hilarious comedy movies. They have a special interest in homosexual art cinema. SF has interests in international foreign films. Its one of the best place to visit when you want to wine down time.

Pros about SnagFlims

· Offers high rated Documentaries.

· Provision of critically acclaimed independent movies.

· LGBT based movies that you may not find on other sites.

· Action, Comedy, Horror, Adventure, LGBT art all under one hood.

Cons about SnagFilms

· Slow loading speeds and buffering.

· Intrusive Ads that is inconvenient.

· Poor Subtitle Support for users.

10. DailyMotion - Site Link


This site is quite similar to YouTube. Its not very much popular though. It offers services like movie downloads and streaming for free. They provide classic, independent and popular shows. Their service parallels YT but not as widely range. Though some shows which is not available on YT can be found here. They also provide international movies to the delight of their users.

Pros about DM

· Clean and smooth running user interface.

· Provides independent movies for its users.

· Video player is cool feature

· No subscription needed.

Cons about DM

· Limited premium content for users.

· Ads are an inconvenience.

Conclusion of Movie Download Sites for Free

In conclusion, for you movie lovers. That is short on cash and wanna watch a movie. you could easily open a browser on your phone. Watch and stream movies online. You could download and watch later after doing all your chores.

All the sites listed above are one of the best. With some better than others in one way. But they are free to use and no cost is involved. One thing that makes them beat sites like Netflix and Amazon.

Bar some sites with Ads inconveniences, you sure going to have a great time. What are you waiting for ?. Open your browser and start watching.

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