Top 5 Jobs in Online Entertainment

by Homer Dennis

Entertainment and Media is an exciting world. There is a wide range of opportunities, especially since the pandemic, people are seeking more and more to work remotely and build a career in this world.

Job opportunities in the online entertainment business can assume various forms. From freelance, independent contractor, and contract work. Remotely or in-house, you're as likely to find part-time positions, as well as full-time.

With years of experience in online entertainment, the author Michael Vestersen tells us more about some of the top jobs you can have in this industry.

1. Game Producer

Game Producer

A Game Producer is fundamental in game development. They raise the money, get talented personnel on board, and make sure that the best possible game is created.

Producers work with the lead artist and lead programmer to work on a game's characters and settings. They can test the ideas on players, define who it is designed for, and how it differs from competing products.

For Danish players, that can go from top-tier console games to online casinos. As each game and each production caters to different niches, those with a preference for gambling are best off consulting online casino uden nemid.

On the other side, producers find a publisher for the game, control the budget, and negotiate contracts. They are often the people who talk about the game to the media once it is released.

If you believe to have the skills and the responsibility for this role, being a Game Producer is probably one of the best entertainment remote jobs out there.

2. Audio Programmer

An audio programmer is a developer who specializes in implementing audio and music into video game engines.

They are in charge of ensuring that a game's audio resources (music soundtrack, environmental and dialogue) are loaded smoothly, activated correctly, and played in high quality while using minimal processing power.

Some of the associated tasks may include the creation or improvement of an internal audio implementation tool, an interactive audio environment, or even a procedural audio generator.

Many companies in the business opt for hiring a single dedicated audio programmer, which in return makes such opportunities competitive. Fortunately, the field has yet to be saturated, leaving qualified and skilled individuals in high demand.

3. Casino game developer

The unique skills of the developers bring a whole world of imagination and the creation of addictive and spectacular games for all tastes. One of them is a casino game developer.

You can develop everything from arcade games and jackpot slots to online scratch cards or bingo variants. As a casino game developer, you can even create games aimed at tablets and cell phones or be responsible for developing fan sites that demonstrate new games and invite feedback from members before bringing a new product to market.

4. Game Tester

A Game Tester tests games, gives feedback, makes games better and more epic possible, and gets rewarded for it. They usually play unreleased and unannounced titles and, with their feedback, help them become great games that we can enjoy for years to come.

These professionals work together with game developers, by sharing their valuable opinions after playing the next generation of great games. Usually, a Game Tester receives rewards and exclusive offers and have the unique pleasure of playing games that no one knows about yet.

This is considered one of the best entertainment remote jobs and is highly popular for gamblers who love to play and still want to get paid for it.

5. Video Game Artist

A Video Game Artist is a generalist animator who creates 2D and 3D art for video games. Game Artists express the storyboard script to populate the world of games from design briefs and concept art.

These professionals take care of all the visual elements, which often include characters, objects, textures, environments, and many more.

The overall look of a video game is a massive factor in its success, second only to its gameplay. Some video games do aim to look and feel as realistic as possible, while others opt for a completely different and stylized look. The job of the Video Game Artist is to model and texture characters and objects to achieve the desired result.

As an exciting and competitive world, online entertainment creates a wide range of opportunities in the employment market. There is a whole range of specialities to choose from. As with any job, as long as you apply yourself and are good enough at what you do, you will find various career opportunities waiting out there until you find the job of your dreams.

About Homer Dennis

Born and raised in an environmentally conscious family, Homer developed a strong awareness of the impact of human activities on the planet from a young age. This early exposure to eco-friendly practices and sustainability principles inspired her to pursue a career focused on promoting renewable energy and advocating for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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