Best Antivirus Apps And Best Anti-malware Apps for Android 2023

by Homer Dennis

Antivirus software and applications are one of the most popularly used software or apps on computers and smartphones. Android smartphones are currently the most used smartphone in the world with more than 80% of market shares. It is therefore not surprising that there are a lot of antivirus apps for the operating system.

Why a Need for Android Antivirus Apps

Antivirus apps are needed if you don't always download apps and games from Play Store. it is also required if you constantly connect your android device to other people's computers. However, if you don't do any of the things above, you necessarily don't need an antivirus app. Having one though is a wise thing to do. There are lots of antivirus apps on play store that are quite harmful. This is because they do not protect your smartphone as they should. Some even end up constantly crashing and stopping.

List of Best Android Antivirus Apps And Best Anti-malware Apps

Hence, below are some of the best antivirus apps and anti-malware apps for android smartphones in 2023. Some of these apps are premium apps while others are free to use. These apps do much more than preventing virus and detect malware. They also prevent malicious websites from opening and infected files from being downloaded on your device.

Avast MobileSecurity - App Link

Avast MobileSecurity
Avast MobileSecurity

Avast is one of the best and most popular antivirus apps when it comes to protecting your Android device. it is also available on PC and iOS devices. A testament to its popularity, it has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. It comes with a plethora of features and lots of add-on apps need to secure your android device fully. However, you should carefully examine any add-on app that supposedly boosts Avast's performance before downloading. This is because some of them are a little buggy.

It is light on phone memory. This is very good if your phone has low RAM. Some notable features of Avast include a call blocker, anti-theft support, vault to keep sensitive photos, personalized app lock. If you use a rooted android device, you can also use its firewall features.

Avast is free to use but has a premium edition. The premium edition comes with a 14-day free trial after which you can decide to use it without subscribing or become a premium user.


360 Security - App Link

360 Security
360 Security

360 Security to an extent is a good antivirus app. It is pretty decent when it comes to detecting malware activity on your device. it is better to say it has some things right and has some quite badly. 360 security will regularly scan your device and report any potential vulnerabilities it detects on your android device.

It comes with a few booster features which can cause your phone issues. It is better to ignore them and use only its antivirus function. 360 security is light on phone memory. It also a good storage cleaner. The app is free to use but requires $5.49/year if you want to remove pesky ads on the app.


BitdefenderAntivirus (FREE) - App Link

BitdefenderAntivirus (FREE)
BitdefenderAntivirus (FREE)

Bitdefender Antivirus is the first completely free app on this list. It does not have any subscriptions or in-app purchases. It is a basic antivirus app that has been around for a while. It only scans your phone for potential threats. Its simple user interface makes it easy to use. it does not require any configuration settings like a lot of other apps on the list.

There is also another Bitdefender Antivirus app which comes with a lot more functions compared to the free one. It comes with loads of features as well as in-app purchases. However, they both serve the same overall function.


AviraAntivirus security - App Link

AviraAntivirus security
AviraAntivirus security

Avira Antivirus Security is another antivirus app you need to try. It is new compared to some of the antivirus apps on this list but capable of protecting your device from security breaches. With over 10 million downloads on Play Store, Avira comes with some noteworthy features. They include privacy scanning, options to blacklist a caller, anti-theft support, and lots more.

It gives real-time protection to your device as well as frequent scanning of your SD card. It has a stagefright Advisor tool you should check out. It is light and has a free version. You can get premium features for a year by paying $11.99.


AVG Antivirus - App Link

AVG Antivirus
AVG Antivirus

AVG is a popular antivirus that has been around for quite some time. It offers almost the same experience and features as AVAST. In fact, in 2016, AVG was purchased by AVAST although the name remained the same. There are a few differences between the two. For instance, AVG has an anti-theft tracking feature using Google Maps, but it does not have the firewall features available on AVAST.

It comes with a lot of booster features that will only bug your phone and eat up memory. It is an effective antivirus and also has VPN and Photo vault features. It is free to use but has subscription plans. It has free trials for its subscription plans which you can try out before subscribing.


McAfeeSecurity and Power Booster - App Link

McAfeeSecurity and Power Booster
McAfeeSecurity and Power Booster

An antivirus app list is not complete without McAfee on it. it is one of the most used antivirus apps and for good reason. It scans your phone for malware and has anti-spyware features. It has anti-theft features and can also take photos of intruders trying to gain access to your phone. It does this secretly when your phone's passcode is entered wrongly. It also comes with lots of

. The app has an old user interface but the antivirus function works very fine.

McAfee has a pro account you have to pay for that gives you some tertiary features.


ESET MobileSecurity and Antivirus - App Link

ESET MobileSecurity and Antivirus
ESET MobileSecurity and Antivirus

ESET is one of the top guns in the Antivirus world. It comes with the usual array of features common with all the other antivirus on the list. They include anti-theft support, anti-phishing features as well as options to schedule scans. It, however, requires your email address when setting it up. it is a powerful antivirus and only free for a month. After the free trial period, you need to pay $14.99 a year to continue using the app. You can also pay a monthly fee of $1.99.


KasperskyMobile Antivirus - App Link

KasperskyMobile Antivirus
KasperskyMobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile antivirus is another popular antivirus and anti-malware app. It is both a free and premium antivirus app. Either version you use, you get features like virus updates, regular scans, anti-theft support, and blacklisting features. Pro Users get to have real-time protection, applock features and many more.

It is a light and effective app. it also does not come with the useless booster features other apps have that does not do much good. You can become a pro user by making a yearly subscription of $14.95

Sophos MobileSecurity - App Link

Sophos MobileSecurity
Sophos MobileSecurity

Sophos is a brilliant free antivirus and anti-malware app for android devices. It comes with all the usual stuff antivirus apps comes with including virus scanner, malware protection, and anti-theft protection. It also comes with web filtering features, Wi-Fi security among other features.

It is completely free to use and does not have ads. It does not have any booster functions too. It has a password safe which you can sync with KeePass Password Safe.

You will enjoy going for Sophos Mobile Security as your Android's antivirus app!


Norton MobileSecurity and Antivirus - App Link

Norton MobileSecurity and Antivirus
Norton MobileSecurity and Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus are pretty decent. It has the necessary basic features an antivirus should have including spyware and malware protection. It also has extra features such as real-time protection, anti-theft protection, and others.

Norton's subscription plans are however quite expensive. It does have a suite package ($39.99 yearly) that allows you to use premium features on your Android and PC. It has a decent add-on applock app you can download.


Webroot MobileSecurity - App Link

Webroot MobileSecurity
Webroot MobileSecurity

Webroot is an impressive antivirus app. It's Pro version comes with loads of advanced features to tempt users. The pro version comes with anti-theft support, a SIM card lock, features that monitor your battery and network status and an ability to wipe your phone remotely in case of theft.

The app is very fast and easy to use. it also has the basic features of an antivirus app i.e. anti-malware features and real-time protection. Webroot has a subscription plan ($79.99 per year) that gives you premium access on both your PC and Android device.


LookoutSecurity and Antivirus - App Link

LookoutSecurity and Antivirus
LookoutSecurity and Antivirus

Lookout Security and Antivirus is a very popular app with lots of users all over the world. It is even pre-installed on some devices - T-Mobile devices. It provides phishing and malware protection, scans your device as well as theft protection. It also offers some unique features in its premium package. It has

features. This gives it a certain uniqueness compared to traditional antivirus apps.

The premium version costs an annual fee of $29.99 and a monthly fee of $2.99

Conclusion of Best Antivirus Apps for Android 2023

The antivirus apps above are only some of the best. You can check out other good antivirus apps compiled by AV-Comparatives after various tests. AV-Comparatives is one of few websites dedicated to testing antivirus software and apps monthly.

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