Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023

by Homer Dennis

A Samsung Smart TV is very pretty and does wonders to the aesthetics of the room it is in. However, we can bet that you bought it not because of how sleek it is. The need to get access to a lot of apps and services is most likely why you got one.

Why Seeking Best Samsung Smart TV Apps for Free in 2023

Now, televisions have come a long way. We now have Smart TVs that have both internet and web-enabled features. This means that you may as well shift from streaming of movies, shows, music and games on your phone or tablet to your TV. Samsung Smart TV has to be one of the most popular ones out there. It comes with lots of apps that give users the value for their money. These apps are available on the Smart Hub store. Think of the store the same way you think of the Google Play Store on an Android device. The Play Store is the go-to for all apps that you want to download on an Android app. The same goes for the Smart Hub store. It is where you have to go to get apps that can be possibly downloaded on the Samsung Smart TV.

There are so many popular apps available on Smart Hub and less popular ones. In this post is a well-curated list of some of the apps you are likely to find on the Hub. This would help you know what to expect if you’re just looking to buy the Smart TV. If you already have one, then you can discover some new apps you’re yet to use.

Free List of Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023

The apps available on the old and new versions of the Smart TV differ. However, the ones listed below are those that are available on all versions of Smart TV.

1. Amazon Prime Video - Smart TV App

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Yes, the popular Prime Video is available on the Smart Hub. It’s loaded with entertaining shows and movies that hard to ignore. Other than the movies and shows produced by other studios, it has its original content. Before you go on to pay for a subscription, you can check out the listings on the Prime website. This way, you know what you are paying for. The movies and shows span across various genres so you would be getting the full package.

2. Netflix - TV App


Since Netflix came into the streaming scene, it’s been at the forefront. With a Samsung Smart TV, you get to stream on Netflix on the big screen. It has a very impressive list of popular TV shows and movies. It also has its original content, further enriching the content on the app. In most cases, the TV comes out of the box with the app. In other situations, you have to go to the Smart Hub to download the app. Whichever one it is, Netflix is a must-have for every Samsung Smart TV. Sign in and go on to have fun streaming.

3. Hulu - Smart TV Link

Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023: Hulu
Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023: Hulu

This app is just as popular as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It offers content that is as rich and fun-filled. Its content ranges from anime to movies to TV series, movie trailers amongst many others. It has its original content too. Downloading Hulu comes with access to over 60 cable and broadcast channels. It even takes it a step further by recommending shows and movies for you. This is possible as when you’re signing up, you drop details such as your date of birth and gender. Hulu would then use this to make recommendations for you.

4. BBC iPlayer (UK) - TV URL

BBC iPlayer (UK)
BBC iPlayer (UK)

With this app, you get access to the amazing collection of shows and movies produced by the BBC network. It is, however, an area restricted app as it’s available for only those in the United Kingdom. You should note, though, that shows uploaded on the app are only available for a month (30 days). Once the 30 days are up, they would be taken down. Every content that’s broadcasted on the BBC gets shown here. This means you get to choose from a wide array of content. You can choose to either watch the shows live or catch up on them when you’re less busy. Just make sure you do it within the 30-day window period.

5. PLEX - TV App

Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023: PLEX
Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023: PLEX

This one works differently from the other apps that have already been mentioned . It does not allow for the streaming of shows and movies. Rather, it allows users to put together their collection of videos on a media server. Whether it’s from your system or on your phone, anyone works. From the media server, you can then stream these videos on the device of your choice. What’s more , unlike the other services above, PLEX is free. It is quite easy to set up and use. You should try it out.

6. All 4 (UK-only) - Smart App Site

All 4 (UK
All 4 (UK

As iPlayer is to BBC so is All 4 to Channel 4. This means you should expect to see all content related to Channel 4, More 4, and E4 on this app. Unlike iPlayer, the content uploaded on this app is never taken down. That means you can take your time to watch your favorite shows, movies and lots more. No pressure.

7. HBO Now | Go - TV App

HBO Now | Go
HBO Now | Go

Both HBO Now and HBO Go app to go for if you want access to exclusive classics. As HBO produces their original content, you get first-hand access to them. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows produced by HBO. Before the series is available on other streaming sites, you would have gotten access to it. The difference between the Now and Go versions is this. The HBO Go service is available for those who subscribe to the HBO cable. The HBO Now , on the other hand, is available to everyone, whether you subscribe to the premium channels or not . The latter service is what you might want to go for if you don’t already have a cable subscription.

8. YouTube - Smart TV


With Samsung Smart TV, you can watch your favorite YouTube channels on the big screen. As you would be able to log in with your Google details, synchronizing YouTube data just got easier. Content on YouTube varies from beauty to fashion to documentaries and lots more. The app has evolved from being just a platform where mediocre or random contents are posted . There are lots of professional content on it from various niches. There are full movies on the app as well .

9. Spotify - TV App URL


This one is for music lovers. Install the Spotify app on your Smart TV and have your favorite music blasting like no other. There are over 40 million tracks on the app. You can create playlists on it just as you can on your phone. If you already have Spotify on your phone, then all you have to do is to log in. Once you do, you get to access the same playlists and favorite songs on your smartphone. The music library is always updated daily. The Spotify app is, however, available on only Samsung Smart TV released after 2015.

10. Vudu - App Link

Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023: Vudu
Free Best Samsung Smart TV Apps in 2023: Vudu

The Vudu app boasts of more than 150,000 movies and TV shows. There is no subscription per se on Vudu. It is more of a pay as you go situation. If you decide to rent or buy a movie, you would have to make payment for it. Users can rent movies and shows for as long as 30 days. You have to make sure to finish watching the movie within 24 hours after you started watching it. Its library might not be as expansive as that of Netflix but it sure gets the job done. The library also gets updated regularly.

Lifestyle Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Below is a list of some lifestyle apps available for download on Smart Hub

· Blue Sky

· NatGeo Images

· Red Karaoke

· SamsungMyRecipe

· JioCinema

· Sony PlayStation

· Size Converter

· Deezer

· Getting Rid of Bugs

· Calm Radio

· Interactive Story

· Karaoke TV

Video Apps on Smart Hub

· Digital Theatre

· 3D Smart TV

· ELifeON

· FashionBox Live

· National Geography Kids

· BBC News

· Financial Times

· Pluto TV

· Google Play Movie

· Yupp TV

· ShowMax

· Rockaxis TV



Kids Apps on Smart Hub

The kids are not left out on the fun. Install these apps for the viewing pleasure of your little ones

· Dibo’s Playground Plus

· English Kindergarten

· Gingerbread Man

· Three Little Pigs

· Best Kids Songs

· Cat Trouble in Mouse Village

· WordWorld

· Giggly English 1

· Solar System Planets

Sports Apps on Smart Hub

· WWE Network

· Personal Fit Stretching for Running

· Goal

· Workout Time Recorder

· Cricket DL Calci


· Sports Score Board

· Vroom.GP


· Fishing TV



Education Apps on Smart Hub

· CodeConverter

· Learn and Play

· Alphabet Games

· Learn French

· Dibo’s sticker book

· MatchTheFlags

· Mensuration

· BookofEtiquete

· Human Anatomy System

· Rulers of India

· Millennium Maths

· Constellations

· AstroImages

Information Apps on Smart Hub

· Pictorial Biography

· The History of Rome

· Bloomberg TV

· Web Browser

· Euronews

· All About Hairstyle

· Color Blindness Test

· History in America

· This Day in History

· The Weather Channel

· BMI Calculator

· Did you Know

· Top Beauty Secret

· AccuWeather

There are many things to love about the Samsung Smart TV. One of such reasons is how loaded the Smart Hub is with apps from across different niches. From education to sports to video-on-demand services and lots more, we can as well say it is more than a Smart TV. If you need to be convinced about buying the Samsung Smart TV, hope this post has convinced you enough. You should go for it. You would get value for your money. Already own one? Get right to exploring and downloading newly discovered apps.

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