Best Free Music Websites to Download Songs in 2023

by Homer Dennis

Best Free Music Websites to Download Songs in 2023 - One of the significant advantages of the internet is the opportunities it brings. But then you can breach the copyright laws of many service providers without knowing it. There are websites where you can download your favorite music without paying. But then, some of these websites violate the music producer's copyright laws and are way too illegal. The question you are asking now is what becomes of you if you have no money to buy. This question is what we strive to answer in this article.

Best List of Free Music Websites to Download Songs in 2023

Many music lovers do not know the websites to download free music MP3. We aim to provide you with an exhaustive guide to enable you to download your favorite music at the drop of a hat! Just click on the "here" word at the end of each of the platform. After clicking, you'll get a prompt that would direct you to the dedicated websites. This is where you can download your choice of music for free.!

Audiomack - Music Website Link


Although Audiomack hasn't been in the industry for too long, it is one of the great music platforms out there. This platform has a friendly interface. This is to enable you to locate and download your desired music. Many music lovers and artists have found this platform very useful. The site build has sections for dedicated purposes such as Top Albums, Trending, and Top Songs. For example, the top album section contains some of the best and frequently accessed albums. You should note that there are some songs in Audiomack that you must pay to access them. For the free ones, there is no limit to the number of songs that you can download. You can download songs via Android, PC, or through their iOS platform.

Click here to visit Audiomack.

SoundClick - Website Link


For many music lovers, is among the top sites to download free music. An advantage of this platform is that many artists are members of the website. Hence you are sure you are not breaching any copyright law. There is a collection of music and soundtracks that grouped into their genres in this site. You are at liberty to download or stream any song you want. But then, you must be a registered member of the website. Also, note that you must make some payment to get licensed songs. One of the downsides of this platform is that its interface is not too easy to navigate. But, it enables you to interact with other SoundClick users. Also, there is usually a brief write up about some of your best musicians on the platform. Another functionality allows you to send customized electronic cards to some SoundClick users. You can send these cards on their birthday coupled with a soundtrack and your message to them.

Click here to visit SoundClick.

SoundCloud - Music Website


SoundCloud is a music platform that allows you to download any song without paying. This platform is also called the twin sister of Spotify by some music lovers due to their similarity. A lot of famous singers and upcoming artists upload their music on this platform for free. It hosts some songs composed in Hindi that you can also download too if you understand the language. When you visit their site, you can get your favorite music by searching for it on their search bar. This platform is one of the best music platforms in India. But then, like the other music platforms, you can't get every music without payment. Some of the artists on the platform demands that you like their social media handle to get their songs. Some other artists are not too demanding. Just a click on the download icon on their songs can get it downloaded to your system right away.

Click here tovisit SoundCloud.

NoiseTrade - Music Site Link


NoiseTrade is another a music website where you can download beautiful music for free. It has a friendly interface that let you search for your favorite music. It features a wide array of quality music and albums from some of the best and upcoming musicians. There is a provision on the site to donate to these upcoming musicians to encourage them.

This music platform is one of the many websites that offer free music. Music gotten from this platform does not breach copyright laws. So be at peace with it. But then, the platform would not grant you the complete access to an album on their site. You can only download whole songs from it. But, for the full access to your choice album, you have to submit your postal code and email address to them. After the submission, you would be able to download the album.

Click here to visit NoiseTrade. - Website Link

The initial intent of this music platform is to serve as a web-based radio. But this was later not the case after Audioscobbler bought the website. is a leading music site that allows you to download music free of charge. This free music is obtainable from the collection of downloadable music on the site. has a thriving module for obtaining music data across various music platforms and media players. This is to enable users to form personalized music profiles due to the kind of music they love listening.

Click here to visit

ReverbNation - Site Link


ReverbNation is one of the most famous music websites with a solid fan-base. It is one of the biggest promoters of some famous music bands. Bands like Imaging Dragons, Alabama Shakes and The Civil Wars got their fame here. It also enabled each of them to command a significant number of music fans.

This platform provides a wide plethora of music types to its visitors without any cost. Some of the great music types on this platform is hip-hop music and pop music. ReverbNation currently hosts about 4 million users. One of the beautiful things about this site is the lovely way the music types are categorized.

Click here to visit ReverbNation.

Epitonic - Website URL


Epictonic is one of the leading music platforms that have a beautiful array of free music you can download. It is also a legal platform for downloading music. This means that when you download their music, you'll not face copyright infringement charges.

It is one of the first platforms that started uploading free music on their sites. There is a provision for searching through its collection of music via its internet audio stream.

The Epictonic site grouped their music into their respective genres and artists for easy navigation. You can also form your list of favorite music, but then, you must first sign up.

Click here to visit Epictonic.

Internet Archive - Website Link

Internet Archive
Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of many music lover's preferences. This platform, besides providing free music for you, they also offer live music, podcasts, radio programs, and audio books. Their audio directory has more than two million audios that are ready for downloads.

One of the dominant downsides of this platform is that the music is not well cataloged. But then, most music lovers have found a way around it. For example, you can recognize a piece of music based on its artist, the language used in the song and the year the song was published. When you are good at sorting music on these bases, you feel more at home on this platform.

Click here to visit the Audio Library of Internet Archive.

Jamendo - Website Link


Jamendo is another site where you can download your favorite music free. This platform makes sure that your system security is intact. They also provide legal music free of copyright infringements. Most if not all the music found on this platform is not the favorite songs you've heard. Most of the music here is from upcoming music stars.

This website is perfect for music lovers who always add new songs to their playlists. This is also a good website for excellent voice-overs or soundtracks for your video. You can get them on this platform at reasonable rates.

Click here to visit Jamendo

Bandcamp - Site Link


This excellent platform enables you to download music on its site for free. But you can also make some payment if you so desire to help finance the platform. The site has a dedicated page called the "Discover page," which lets you search for your favorite music. This page can also give you recently added songs too. Although some of the music there requires payment before you could download them. But some others are also free. But then, it is paramount that you know how to navigate and understand the platform. This is important to ensure that you don't get too bored with unnecessary searches.

Click here to visit Bandcamp.


This music platform hosts a lot of free music for you to download. CCTrax is one of the safest websites you can download music without being afraid of anything. The site build is very comfortable to navigate. It is indeed a place where you can search for any music you want. One of the good things about this site is that you can download music without creating an account with them. Also, you may like to download an entire album that you love. This platform made that a possibility so that you don't have to be downloading songs one after the other.

Click here to visit CCTrax.

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