Guide on Free Money From Rich People in 2023

by Homer Dennis

The fact is, there are rich people who give away money as prizes at some silly quizes or tests ?

Another fact is people find it weird begging for money. Online giveaways is a chance for them to attend. They can achieve some monetary rewards. So where to start ? How to find such online places where rich people give money as gifts ? We know that many millionaires like to make their names popular by giving away money. The typical giveaway is usually from online foundations.

These foundations have their own websites. People can join these sites to complete specific tasks for giveways. Some of these tasks are easy. People joining these online events have chances to get cash improving their life condition.

On the opposite, there are also fake giveaway sites. They scam people into surveys with some promises. Hence you need to make sure the site is ligit before indulging yourself into those events. Part of this guide about people give money online is to identify the good giveaway sites for you.

How to quickly get Free Money From Rich People

Before dive deep into the list of rich people who gives away money, let‘s understand more about the how-to of the good giveaway websites. We have carefully researched the below steps to make sure of your high successful chances. Please do not overlook these steps. They will help you express your needed situation to achieve the good result.

Sign up for an account

Any promotion from rich people who give money away online is to create an account. By having an account, you have one step closer to become an insider. As an insider, you get to contact the rich people to express your needs. Some real money giveaway sites allow free sign ups. However, choosing a good site is very important before diving into it. You find a giveaway site. Let‘s say “siteA”. Make sure you search for Site A Review on Google to see what others talk about it. Another way to identify a bad one is over promising. If the promises are too many and sound too good to be true, the chances they are not giving out anything. Again do not waste time on the scammer. Better move on to a different one.

Provide a good story

Many good giveaway web sites want you to express yourself and your need. They usually have editors to read over many stories. They pick the ones they feel right. You need to truthfully tell the story of your hardship. Format the article nicel with headings and bold texts. Just like what you see in this article. Do not forget to leave your contact on the bottoms. Show repects in the article. Not too lengthy and shabby. Go direct to the core of your need.

Send away your writing

After spending to compose a masterpiece, send it to the editor. You have done your part. Now time to hope it will get selected. Remember you may not be the only sending it. There is a tip that if the contest has a deadline. Send the article near the deadline. You don’t want to be one of the first people sending it. The latter the better. If you are among ones who gets selected. That is it. You have changed your life overnight. If not, move on. Find a different opportunity

Get the reward

As your story get selected, the site operator may contact your for a short interview. They may require you to have a method to receive payment. Typical ways are bank wire transfer, checks, or Paypal. These people, who give money away online, will send the fund to your designated account. You can convert the online fund into cash. It sounds fun and easy, correct? It is no doubt there will be a crowd for every giveaway event. Be prepared for the crazy competition.

Not all money giveaways are about interviewing candidates. Many require a person to show his / her intellectual skills. It could involve solving a riddle. Worse you need to pass a quiz. The people who give the money designed on this. Their website admins and employees would follow to build up the contest.

Begging is the term for the whole process to take part in money giveaway. It is however lawful. In fact, rich people who give money away at their own wish. Nobody force the rich to do so by any mean.

The moral issue is here. People came up with fake stories to receive the rewarding money. They do not really have a situation.They do not need money as a live and die problem. They have works. Even good works. This action would hurt people in need. Even worse, there are sites that promising to give away something to take advantage of the event. They lurked people into lengthy survey. These sites even install the botnet, spam wares on the users. If you are truly the one in need, be very careful to proceed.

Good Sites to Ask Money from Rich People 2023

We would like to discuss about the sites of rich people who give money away online. We have worked diligently for this good list. From time to time, they would have events for you to join for rewards. If you are the one in need, take part for money giveaways. Some are toughter than others. Take your time. Follow the above steps seriously. With time and patient will come the best answer.

BegsList - Fund Request Link

BegsList is where you can join the money giveaway from rich people. You can sign up there to join money “ask” programs on the site. In details, you need to describe your situation on how you would use the reward for. Some students need money for school while others need fund for ncessities; such as: food, rents, etc The site will send users‘ requests to the millionaires. Rich people will chance to judge. They decide you are a good candidate for an interview. if all go well, you will receive money from these rich people. Chances are the fund is so big that can change your life forever.

GoFundMe - Money Link


This money was from a different concept. It is such a fundraiser from people all over the world. It also receive requests of people in need just like in BedsList. With the fund from rich people and requests from users. The site will match up to find the winners. They usually select people who really in dire situation; such as: hospital bills, unjust legal issues. You can apply for it all year around. Once rewarded, you can cash out the fund at low fee. It only costs a small for a rich person to donate.

The site is mobile friendly. It is also all over social networks. People behind this site advertise a lot. It really goes out there trying hard to raise fund. Once you signed up on there, they would frequently update you with the news. GoFundMe recently announced they raised over 5 billion dollars for those who needed.

Fundly - Free Fund Link


Fundly is more like a local fund raiser. It tries to match up the rich people who give away money near you. It is all location and localization. They also promote it on Facebook Feed. Fundly is a powerhouse for money giveaway online.

You can sign up on this site to give away a little to help other people. For those requesting aids, this is a great site to receive assitances from rich people in your neighborhood. Fundly deduct a small fee of 4.9 percent from your reward and 3 person to cash out. It is not much but something you should consider. Fundly has no limit on how much you can withdraw money. Some giveaway sites required the amount to be substantical for withdrawal.

Kickstarter - Money Link


Kickstarter is best suitable for people who need fund for inventions or entrepreneurship. There are many strict rules there. When applying, state your goal. If you have not reached the mark, Kickstarter would not allow to withdraw the fund. For example, you declared your project would need $10,000 but you have raised about $5,000 only. Kickstarter would not allow to withdraw the $5,000. Kickstarter charges 5 percent of the total upon withdrawal. Plus 5 percent of processing fee. Also you can update your project to request the allowance to raise more fund.

Indiegogo - Free Money Url


Indiegogo is the site for nonprofits. Unlike others, you can get the money partially. So as in the Kickstarer example, you can withdraw the $5,000. The fee is the same. Indiegogo charges 5 percent of the total to withdraw. Innovative ideas are welcome on the Indiegogo. People come to Indiegogo for all kinds of projects. Indiegogo also stated anything legal is welcome.

Rich people who associates with Indiegogo would review to select the ones eligible for their giveaways. Indiegogo has none deadline.

Crowdfunder - Free Money Website


If you area small business owner, Crowdfunder is the answer for your in-need of capital. Crowdfunder is the best for raising funds for small businesses. There is a subscription for signing up. It is $299 per month. With that begind, you now can connect with the rich people who want to give away money to help fuel your business. There is the review process. They do not just give it to anybody. Crowdfunder recently announced they have raised over $150 million that waiting every day for you to claim.

BoostUp - Free Money Site


BoostUp is another great source to connect with rich people who want to give away fund. BoostUp is pratical in a way it usually gives out fund to those who want to buy daily stuff; such as houses, cars, work tools. BoostUp charges nothing for registering and applying. The only downside is that you need a saving account for them can fund it. Investors will donate to that account on your successful bid

2019 Millionaires who Give Away Money Online

  1. Warren Buffett
  2. Chuck Feeney
  3. Tim Cook
  4. Ted Turner
  5. J.K Rowling

You can reach more about those above online. They are famous for giving away money as rich people.

Again you should be truly the one is in need. Do not just beg for it if you already have enough. It is also hard for the reviewers to pick the winner. That is why interview process is there to ensure they select the right people. The list we have provided should be a good start for you for the adventure of begging rich people who give money away online.

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