How to Get Netflix Free Trial Without a Credit Card?

by Homer Dennis

This pandemic has got people staying in their homes, isolated, quarantined. They aren't allowed to go outside to even do the grocery shopping unless the last resort to survive, let alone party. All of these factors have given rise to numerous mental health disorders. People are getting frustrated with the same routine. They can't find any interesting thing to do to kill their time. That's when watching movies and series online come to the rescue! But, it is only interesting and effective if they have access to world-leading movies and TV-shows streaming applications and that is exactly where the problem arises.

How to Get Netflix Free Trial Without a Credit Card?

These paid memberships of the respective applications aren't affordable for everyone. The most used domain for this purpose is Netflix. With a viewership of 183 Million subscribers, Netflix has marked itself as the best! However, the packages may not be easy on your pocket.

The following graph shows how Netflix is the most-watched app amongst all other online movie streaming domains:

Netflix Statistics
Netflix Statistics

If you are one of the people who are tired of being at home all day long and are now looking forward to having some fun by watching the most hyped TV series on Netflix, yet you can't afford it or don't want to use your credit card for the subscription, don't worry anymore! You are exactly where you need to be! In this guide, we are going to tell you some amazing ways of getting your hands on a free trial of Netflix premium account without a credit card !

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1. Share a Netflix Subscription

This is the most reliable and authentic way of using a Netflix account without a credit card! All that you need to do is ask your friends if any of them have a subscription to a Netflix account. Then you can create a group of 4 people, and enjoy Netflix by sharing without worrying about your budget! Since your friend has already subscribed, you don't need to worry about the credit card and other formalities to create an account. It has already been taken care of by your friend! You just need to contribute a little which must be very pocket-friendly. For example, if you are sharing an account that costs $16 per month, on sharing amongst 4 friends, each would have to pay $4.

The following chart shows the living status of Netflix account sharers:

Who are netflix's account sharers? - gwi
Who are netflix's account sharers? - gwi

However, if you don't have any friend who qualifies, there are always people out there on the internet who are willing to share their Netflix account with others. You can just search it up, and find your savior! Not just that, but you may also find a really good friend this way! Isn't that exciting and worth a shot?

2. Use a Debit Card to get the Netflix Free Trial

No credit card? No worries! You can now use your debit card to claim your free trial on Netflix; however, Netflix doesn't hold a normal debit card eligible for use when it comes to subscribing. But, you don't have to worry about it either! We have got your back! All that you need to do is call the helpline of the bank that your debit card is associated with, or visit the branch by yourself, and ask the management to enable international transactions on your debit card. The process won't take long! Once you have the international transactions unlocked on your debit card, you are now eligible to create a Netflix account by just using your debit card.

One thing that you need to make sure is that your bank supports this feature since not all of them do.

To see which subscription plan meets your requirements, watch this video:

3. Earn a Netflix Gift Card

If you're indecisive about what to ask for your birthday present, say bye to the confusion! Now you know exactly what you want for your upcoming birthday! Netflix has recently introduced gift cards for its subscribers. By having a gift card, you can subscribe to Netflix without having to pay a penny; hence, no credit card needed!

If your birthday is not anytime soon, you can buy a gift card for yourself by just spending a little amount of money on the Netflix website. To do so, you can earn money through the easiest ways possible such as online surveys. Spare some time on surveying by the means of Vindale Research, SurveyJunkie, LifePoints, SurveyJury, SwagBucks, Inbox Dollar, and earn dollars for each survey. Later on, you can use these savings to buy a gift card.

The following graph tells the status of how many people are satisfied with the paid online services program:

Online surveys and their advantages / disadvantages - blog survio
Online surveys and their advantages / disadvantages - blog survio

Not just that, but you can also ask your friends if they own an extra gift card that they have been awarded by Netflix. You can ask them to give one to you. That way, you can use your Netflix gift card for a free subscription without using a credit card!

For a video guide on how to use a Netflix Gift Card, click on the link below:

4. Use Virtual Cards to Achieve your Goal

Back in time, people used to make the most of the virtual credit card codes generator by generating fake credit card details to use in their daily routine. To those people's dismay, Netflix has banned this way of subscribing to it.

But you can still use an official virtual card to create a Netflix account. The respective virtual cards are the ones that you are issued by online wallets, banks, etc. To get one, all that you need to do is sign-up and fill the formal requirements including your personal information. Follow it by submitting the request. Once you are provided with an official virtual card, you're good to go! Use the respective credentials to fill in the necessary information for creating a Netflix account.

However, the providers may vary based on the region of your residence. For example, if your region is India, you shall use the virtual cards by Paytm Payments Bank. Whereas, for international purposes, Wirex Virtual Credit Card is the one!

5. Get a Netflix Subscription Planned with Airtel

If you are from India, then this method is exclusively for you! If you are a postpaid or broadband user of Airtel, then you have some amazing offers coming your way! Airtel has partnered with Netflix in India, resulting in amazing giveaways for its customers. These giveaways include a free subscription to Netflix, too. Not just for a month, but you can avail this free subscription for up to 3 months straight! Since the offer is all about free subscription, you're not supposed to have a credit card or go through any other formality either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's also discuss some interesting questions that are frequently asked by the Netflix users regarding the trial period and more!

1. Why am I getting charged for Netflix free trial?

If you see the charged sign on signing in to your Netflix account for a free trial, don't get worried since it's just a way of Netflix to make sure that the details provided to them by you are reliable, and that they can charge you the discussed amount in the future once the trial period is over.

2. Will Netflix automatically deduct money?

The thing about recurring payments is that they get deducted automatically via your credit card. Once the trial period, which is based on 30 days, is over, Netflix will start deducting the amount of money according to the subscribed package automatically. This deduction will occur every month respective to the date that you signed upon.

3. Is it safe to give credit card details to Netflix?

Yes, it is safe to share your credit card details with Netflix at the time of subscription. However, you need to know that Netflix doesn't only use it at the time of subscription, but it also saves the information for use in the future such as deducting the payment amount from your account.

4. Can your Netflix be hacked?

Yes, it can be. If you are unable to access your account, contact the support team of Netflix without wasting any further time! Not just that, but if you are receiving any sort of suspicious electronic mails or service messages related to your account, report against it as soon as possible, and never fall for such scams.

If you have an access to your account, but you're suspicious about the partners that you're sharing the account with, go to the settings, and select the "Disconnect All Devices" option for good. As a result, screen sharing will be stopped, and the account will no longer be accessed by others against your will.

5. How do I stop Netflix from charging my card?

If you want to stop Netflix from charging you anymore, you would have to cancel your subscription to it. To do so:

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Account Settings option. You can also search for it by typing account in the search bar.
  • Locate a gray button on which Cancel Subscription is written.
  • Click on it.
  • Afterward, confirm the membership cancellation by further clicking on another red box that'd appear on the screen of your device.

That's it! You'll no longer be a member of Netflix; hence, no more charges!

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial:


In this guide, we tried our best to enlighten you with the best 5 methods of creating a Netflix account for a free trial without having a credit card. Not just that, but we also answered some of the frequently asked questions.

If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends and family! Let them know these interesting ways of getting a free trial on Netflix without having a credit card!

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