Best BIN Checker Sites of 2023

by Homer Dennis

Best BIN Checker Sites of 2023Technology has brought with it easier ways of doing things. It has also given us solutions to a lot of unanswered questions. There is no arguing that it has created lots of paths for civilization’s advancement. While all this are true, there are some liabilities and drawbacks technology simply dumps on us if not properly managed. Technology solved problems while creating one of its own. Technology brought Bank financial cards in an attempt to remove having to carry lots of cash around.

One of the problems that came with Bank cards is the threat of fraud or scam. There is about a 99% chance that you have heard about or experienced credit card scam or fraud. This is because it is very easy for scammers to commit card fraud if you are careless. There are different ways to prevent this financial card fraud. One of the methods that reduce the occurrence of fraud is using a BIN Checker.

What is a BIN Checker?

BIN which is the abbreviation of Bank Identification Number denoted the first six digits you see on your financial card number. The financial card might be a Credit card or a debit card. BIN is also the same thing as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN). The International Organization for Standardization is the body that created the BIN.

Uses of BIN Checkers

BIN Checkers are tools you can use to protect yourself and your business from fraudsters. They are commonly used by people who have a business. BIN checkers compare the details or data provided by the card to the data of the cardholder provided by the bank that issued the card.

With BIN Checker you can discover if any illegal activity is happening on the credit or debit card you use. As a shop owner, you can also use the BIN Checker to verify the credibility of a buyer whose shopping list looks suspicious. Without the use of BIN checkers, you run the risk of being targeted by Money Launderers. This shows how much Bank Identification numbers can help to reduce financial theft.

How The BIN Checking Process Works?

How The BIN Checking Process Works?
How The BIN Checking Process Works?

- Enter the BIN of the card of your buyer, usually credit card, into the BIN Checker tool.

- The BIN checker will then proceed to check if the Credit card is original or fake. It is not valid or fake, the checker will immediately notify you. With this, you have saved yourself of selling your items in exchange for fake money

- If the Bank Identification Number you entered is valid, the BIN Checker will now subject the provided BIN to an advanced search in its BIN database

- As soon as the search ends, it will provide detailed information about the card. Some of these details include Card type, currency, card issuing country, the full name of the Bank that issued the card, Phone number, and other related info.

- All you have to do now is ask the buyer about some of the information the BIN checker compiled. If the details provided by the BIN checker matches the info given by the buyer, then he is not a fraud. But if the information does not match, you can easily call him out.

One of the best thing about BIN checkers is that you can use them to secure your business’ online sales too. Fraudsters also try to do their shady works online. All you have to do is integrate the API of whichever BIN you choose touse with your Online Payment system. The integrated BIN checker will then scan any credit card about to be used for payment. If the details it collates from the buyer does not match the one on its database, the transaction will not go through. The fact that they do all this instantaneously makes them a must-have.

Having clarified what BIN Checkers mean and how important they are for the growth of your business, you shouldknow the type ofBIN Checker you should use. There are lots of BIN Checkers you can easily download on the web. However, we all know how much junk can also be on the internet. Some of the BIN Checkers you will find on your own will be old or outdated. Some that are not outdated will only work if you are an American.

As a result of this, I have taken the time to find the top five (5) BIN checkers you can use. All of the five BIN checkers have updated and large database. They are also always expanding the database. They do this in order to cater for new credit or debit cards issued daily by Banks or card issuers. Also, all of them cover a lot of nations across the world. They are also simple to use. The security of these BIN checkers is also top-notch and they do not store card numbers. In addition, all of them have API which you can connect with your business’ payment system.

Free BIN checker - Checker Link

Free BIN checker
Free BIN checker

FreeBinChecker has over 600,000 BINs in its database. This makes it a very versatile and important checker to have. It is, in fact, one of the most used BIN checker tools in the world. The tool comes in two different versions. There is a free version which you can use for free but some restrictions. There is also a premium version with full features.

It does not save or store user’s BIN numbers. As soon as the transaction is complete, the tool will erase the data. FreeBinChecker identifies cards in a lot of ways. The most commonly used ones are Card type, Card-Level or Card brand.

What makes the tool very impressive is that the database receives a daily update. Their database is the most up-to-date in the BIN Checker market.

There is an API which you can use to protect your website when making online sales. As long as you integrate the API, it will scan all transactions done on the website. If any transaction looks fishy or the information provided by a buyer does not correspond to the one on its database, it will immediately cancel it.

IIN BIN List - Checker Link


IIN BIN List is an easy to use BIN checker that has a large impressive database. There are over 340,000 credit and debit card BINs you can use in the database to secure your companies’ website. The database receives regular updates.

It is loved by lots of people which is evident in its global appreciation. There is an API which you can use to secure any transaction that occurs on your website. The API will gather all the necessary information of the card produced and check with the one the buyer provided. These comparisons are done within seconds that you might not even know.

IINBinList provides Javascript to you if you are using it with your website.

ExactBins - Checker Link


ExactBins is one of the best tools you can use to secure your business’ online transactions. The database of ExactBins is accurately compiled. Once you integrate ExactBins’ API with the website you use for handling online transactions, the BIN checker will always vet any transaction taking place on your website. ExactBins will cancel any transaction that looks off. The large database is always updated monthly. There over 324,000 Bank Identification Numbers in the database. ExactBins also helps to reduce chargebacks.

ExactBins has a demo version which users can use to sample and explore the tools before deciding to use it. Some of the cards ExactBins supports include Visa, AmEx, etc.

Bank BIN List - Checker Link


BankBinList boasts over 3400,000 BIN numbers in their database. This database receives new BIN numbers every 2 to 3 months. Their database is very accurate and strictly compiled. Although most of the data in their database come from various sources online, they scrutinized them before uploading.

There is an API which you can integrate with your website. BankBinList also comes with an advanced search feature. This feature allows you to search and compare card details easily. To use the advanced feature, you will have to input the Card issuer name, card type, card level, and country.

BankBinList also allows you to download BIN data from their website for reference purpose. Your BIN data can be in DOC or PDF format.

CreditCardRush/BINChecker - BIN Checker Tool


BIN checker has one of the neatest interfaces of all the tools on this list. It is very fast and features a very large database. it is easy to use and there are tons of impressive features you can use on the tool. The tool receives daily updates and has a premium version.

The free version of the tool is good for you if you do not have a website where you sell your items. However, if you have a website, you have to buy the API which you will integrate to your website. This is the only drawback on the tool because others offer their API access for free.

One important thing to note is that it makes payment safer and your business more secure. Another impressive thing about BIN Checker is that it has a mobile app which you can download on the App Store.

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